04/ Digital Artefact- Update

I do admit, I have been delaying and procrastinating this artefact as the thought of finding and asking people that are more than happy to be interviewed, seems like the most tedious task- but it needs to be done.

Ellis Et Al 2011 reading* emerges both autobiography and ethnography to process the act of autoethnography. In my digital artefact, I have selected the field site of Asian cuisines to hopefully further and expand my knowledge on the history and practice of the various dishes, along with the extent these restaurants add value and meaningfulness to the surrounding individuals.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 10.00.27 pm.png
Screenshot from Ellis Et Al definition of Autoethnography

I am yet to actually interview and taste some dishes as of yet, BUT am in the process of hopefully getting a kick start by next week. In the meantime, I have researched through Google and ended up on zomato, trip advisor and various Facebook pages to allow me to find suitable venues. I have carefully picked a total of six places that allow me to have a selection from various types of Asian foods to choose from, all based in the Illawarra;

  1. Jasmine Rice Thai Restaurant
  2. Balinese Spice Magic Restaurant
  3. Mylan Vietnamese Restaurant
  4. Akari Japanese Cuisine
  5. Suashan Indian Restaurant
  6. Lucky Inn Chinese Restaurant

I predict not all these places will be up for me taking videos and interviews in their premises, but I hope I at least get a minimum of two (ideally 3) that allow me to do so.
I will be taking a mixture of approaches from giving the venue a call and organising a time and day on the phone, or physically going in and asking for permission myself, which will hopefully see me getting officially stated by next week.

Depending how I go with footage, I may even interview some customers and get their experience on camera too.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.06.55 pm.png
Source from here

My methodology of using a video-type format, uses a technique of “showing”, which are designed to bring “readers into the scene”—particularly into thoughts, emotions, and actions—in order to “experience an experience” (ELLIS, 1993, p.711; ELLIS & BOCHNER, 2006)*. By making it visually captivating for my audience will hopefully show a greater level of engagement. Depending, I may even need to open up either a wordpress or Instagram account that links to my findings, that will have further background information and a further insight to my own ‘taste testing’ experience.


Can’t wait to trial and error now..


…Until next time


-Emily G.




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